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Diving and Snorkeling

Frequently asked questions

How many divers or snorkelers do you take on a trip?

For safety and enjoyment, we limit our groups to 4 - 8 divers with a Divemaster and 5 - 8 snorkelers with a guide.  

Do you offer rental gear?

Yes.  We have many sizes of rental gear available, but try to let us know in advance to be sure we will have what you require.  Prices for rental gear can be found on our Rates page.  Weights and tanks are available when diving on the shore from our shop.   

Do you rinse and store our personal gear?

We include rinsing and storing of gear in our prices, for divers diving multiple days with us.  If you are only diving one day, we cannot ensure your gear will be cleaned and dried before your departure.  As always, let us know your plans and we will try to accommodate you.

Do you offer Night Dives?

We offer a 2 tank twilight/night dive so you get the best of both worlds.  Night dives are scheduled based on request.  Again, we need a minimum of 4 divers to go out.  

What size tanks do you offer?

We can supply aluminum 80cf  and 100cf tanks, with 80 being the usual size.  Please request a 100cf tank size in advance.  There is an additional fee of $10 per tank for 100s.  

Do you offer Nitrox?

Absolutely, for divers who are Nitrox certified.  There is an additional fee of $10 per tank.  On Cozumel, all tanks are filled at a central refill center.  Nitrox is mixed at 32% or 36%.  Please let us know, in advance, which mixture you would like.  

Do I need a wetsuit or skin?

That really depends upon you!  The average water temperatures in Winter/Spring are 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the Summer/Fall are 81-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you do not get cold easily, you may be comfortable with a rash guard and swimsuit.  If, however, you are diving multiple dives over several days, you may want to consider wearing a wetsuit or a skin, so you do not get cold on the last dive.  In addition, a full wetsuit or skin can protect you from accidental contact with marine life such as jellyfish, or fire coral.  Snorkelers will be comfortable in a swimsuit.  

What sites do you visit for snorkelers?

There are several reefs that make great snorkeling and diving trips!  A few are: 

  • Columbia Shallows

  • Palancar Gardens

  • El Cielo

  • Paradise Reef

  • Chankanaab

  • Dzul Ha

What marine life might we see during the year?

  • July-September:             

    • Whale Sharks off Isla Mujeres

  • August - October:          

    • Black Tip Sharks

  • November - February:    

    • Bull Sharks off Playa del Carmen

  • December - February:     

    • Eagle Rays

  • Year Round:                     

    • Sea Turtles, Nurse Sharks, Sea Horses, Nudibranchs, and plenty of Fish!

Please remember, we cannot guarantee sightings of any marine animal.  However, Julio is known for finding interesting critters and he will do his best on each trip.  If you want to see something in particular, let him know!

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