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Passion. Persistence. Perseverance.

Julio Kin - Owner, Divemaster

Julio Kin was born on the island of Cozumel and has been swimming and diving in its beautiful waters since he was a child.  He knows the details of each dive site, and often finds rarely seen marine life, such as the Flying Gurnard, Roughback Shrimp, Black Tip Sharks, Seahorses and Octopuses both during the day and night.  

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Julio is passionate about diving.  As a Divemaster for over 20 years, Julio successfully balances the safety and enjoyment of divers, while protecting the coral reef ecosystem.  Julio gives detailed dive briefings describing what to look for and be aware of on each dive.  He will actively look for interesting marine life, while monitoring divers for their skills, helping his clients become better divers, while protecting the coral reef.  

As your Divemaster, Julio moves through each site at a moderate or even slow pace, giving divers time to see all the incredible marine life on the reef.  When he finds interesting critters, he is sure that every diver gets a chance to safely see and photograph the animal.    

In his spare time, Julio participates in other sports such as cycling, and fishing.  He successfully completed the island's IronMan Triathalon 3 times!  Julio enjoys spending time with his family, especially his daughter, Ashley Vanessa, and connects with many friends through his Facebook Page

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Julio Kin

In addition to his years of experience, Julio has a long line of repeat customers and positive reviews. 

Kari Rees - Webmaster, Photographer, and Reservations


Kari and her husband, Rob, visited Cozumel in 1991 as snorkelers, and developed a passion for diving and a love for Cozumel.  They came back in 2003 as Scuba Divers and started photographing what they saw.  Since then, they've visited the island every year, and created a friendship with Julio Kin. 

Growing up in a Scuba Diving family, Kari and Rob's son, Evan, quickly took to the ocean.  He was snorkeling at the age of two, and soon went out on scuba boats with his parents.  Evan loved the ocean and earned his PADI Open Water Certification at the age of 10.  Evan's first diving trip was with Julio as the Divemaster.  With Julio's attention to safety, detail, and ability to find interesting critters, Rob and Kari felt this was the perfect environment for Evan to develop his skills.  

Since then, Kari, Rob and Evan have developed a close bond with Julio and support his business.  Kari serves as his webmaster and occasional photographer.  When booking your trip, you may work with Kari to finalize details.  She has extensive knowledge of the island.  You may even see her on one of your trips taking more photographs or videos of amazing marine life.  

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