Rates and Partnerships

Please see below for Scuba, Snorkeling and Fishing prices.

Diving Rates

We offer the following local dive experiences:

  • Morning 2 tank dive

  • Afternoon 2 tank dive

  • Twilight/Night 2 tank dive

Each 2 tank dive is $85.00 per person.  Weights, Weight belt, and Tanks are provided.  Water, sodas and snacks are also provided.  

Special Dive Trips

We offer Special Dive Trips for the following fees:

  • Playa Del Carmen/Bull Shark Trip: 

    • 2 tank trip/$130 per diver.

  • Barracuda and/or San Juan Reefs, northern part of the island - Expert divers only

    • 2 tank trip/$95 per diver​

  • Punta Sur and Maracaibo Wall, southern tip of the island - Advanced to Expert divers only

    • 2 tank trip/$95 per diver​

Don't see your choice on the list?  Let us know what you are interested in, and we will try to accommodate you!  Please remember that some dive sites require Divemaster approval.  

Equipment Rental

Complete set: $25


  • Includes: BCD, Regulator, Mask and Fins

Individual Items are available for $10 for each:

  • BCD

  • Regulator

  • Dive Light

  • Dive Computer

  • Mask/Snorkel

  • Fins

Nitrox: $10.00 per tank requested in advance

100 ft³ Tank:  $10.00 per tank requested in advance

Snorkeling Rates

We understand not everyone in a group is a diver!  Your snorkeling friend can join you on a dive trip, or we can offer a exclusive Snorkeling trip.  

  • Adding snorkelers to a dive trip: $50 per person.

  • Exclusive Snorkeling trip: We will visit 3 reefs over a period of 3-4 hours. 

    • We need 5-8 snorkelers to make a trip.  The cost is $250 per boat.  

Snorkeling vests, masks, snorkels and fins are included.  Also, beer, water, sodas and snacks will be provided. 

Fishing Trips

We offer Bottom Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing Excursions.

  • Bottom Fishing

    • We can take 2-5 people on a bottom fishing excursion.  ​The cost is $200 to rent the boat.  

  • Deep Sea Fishing​

    • We can take 2-4 people on a half day (4 hour) deep sea fishing excursion.  The cost is $275 to rent the boat.  ​

On all fishing excursions, fishing gear is provided.  Also, beer, water, sodas and snacks will be provided.